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Images and Evolution

August 10, 2018


J’nell Jordan is no exception to the introspective work that being a creative requires -- sifting through layered experiences to find deep meaning is a rite of passage for anyone engaged in creative spaces.  Jordan is a figurative artist, which means that her talents are expressed through interpreted versions of a person and in Jordan’s case, she generally depicts black people. Her choice to paint black people is not done to incite a social movement, but mainly to share her life experiences as a young black woman and help illustrate the diversity in blackness and black stories.


Although, she manages to consistently craft intricately visceral pieces, along her journey, Jordan says that, as an artist, her work took on a natural evolution.  The evolution was a result of her maturation into adulthood, and she describes the premise of artwork in her twenties being grounded in fun-loving, party centered and more youthful expressions but now, in her early thirties, her work takes on a more serious tone.  One of her recent art series, “Hair Stories”, calls to conversation the idea of black women’s hair and was heavily influenced by the popular song, “Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange Knowles. It is a song with lyrics that detail the black woman and her right to protect her hair and, as a natural extension, her glory.


Jordan and I both came to a reasonable conclusion that our twenties are the moments that cause us to reshape ourselves and learn to care about things from a deeper place than we appreciated before.  Our twenties allow us to portray and love our superficial lives but eventually provoke us to find a conscience and speak about something deeper.


So, to all the twenty somethings out there, let the evolution begin!


Listen to our full podcast conversation HERE


 Top (L) Streetlights . Bottom (L) Plaits . (R) Infinity



To see more of Jordan's work and keep updated with her recent happenings check out her website: www.jnelljordan.com or follow her on instagram @Artbyjnelljo








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